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How to play:

  1.  Crank until you make enough electricity to buy your first generator
  2. Use D-pad to select the generator you wish you buy and press A
  3. Keep buying more generators to produce more electricity!

Game by:

Anton K. (ai Doge)

Jack Oatley


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Idle Surge 0.0.2 -fixed bundleID error 43 kB
Idle Surge 0.0.1 -Jam 43 kB


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 when i try to sideload through playdate website it says :  

The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo.

I just uploaded a fix, would be great if you can test it!


that one worked,  thanks


Great short idle game!

If you plan to update, I'd like to see upgrades for crank generation, as it seems like the crank quickly becomes pointless, and of course, more levels. :)


and we had more ideas such as ascension with ascension credits for upgrades

but if was my first time making a playdate game so most of the time went into learning.

in that case, fantastic first game!


If you add a bundleID to your pdxinfo file, it makes it possible to sideload wirelessly. Docs

thanks will check it out!

just uploaded a fix, will be great if you can test sideloading!

It sideloads fine now, but it looks like the card image is the wrong size – the title is off center and the bottom and right sides get cut off.